Bonville Upgrade Project

Bonville Upgrade was a more recent DCM project that involved PES in an integrated PRTA/PSC site management team.

It included both CRCP and PBC pavements, with AC overlays and many bridges and three pairs of arch structures.

The project involved the design, construction and maintenance of new dual carriageways of the Pacific Highway between the northern extents of the Raleigh Deviation Project to the southern extent of the Lyons Road to Englands Road Project, a distance of 9.8 km.

The project included Interchanges, Overpass bridges, bridges across waterways, a roundabout, twin tunnels Noise attenuation, Security and fauna fencing, Property adjustments and adjustments to Services.

The main features of the project included:
  • Approximately 9.8km of two lane dual carriageways connecting to the existing Pacific Highway two lane dual carriageways at the junction with Perry’s Road to the south and the junction with Lyons Road to the north;
  • Approximately 4.3km of adjacent service road to the two lane dual carriageways connecting with 5.7km of the retained existing Pacific Highway. The service road extends from the intersection with Perrys Road to and including the tie-in with the Lyons Road interchange;
  • Interchanges at Mailmans Track and Archville Station Road;
  • Overpass bridges at East Bonville Road, Bonville Station Road and Williams Road;
  • Twin bridges across Pine Creek, Reedys Creek and Bonville Creek;
  • A heavy vehicle inspection bay within the existing Pacific Highway road reserve;
  • A roundabout on the existing Pacific Highway at the intersections of Butlers Road and Archville Station Road;
  • Twin concrete tunnels forming a 60 metre wide fauna overpass;
  • Three pairs of fauna underpass bridges, combined service road and fauna underpass bridges and a replacement fauna underpass;
  • All necessary intersections, connections and adjustments to local roads;
  • Truck lay-bys, emergency telephone bays and cross carriageway accesses;
  • The incorporation of architectural, urban and landscape design in all visible elements of the Project Works;
  • Noise attenuation;
  • Security and fauna fencing;
  • Property adjustments;
  • Adjustments to Services and street lighting.


Bonville 001