Professional and Technical Staff Engagement

PES is a company directors John Sheldrick and Steve Vine are experienced professional engineers and business managers who retain personal direct management of all staff and contractor engagement.

PES engages the services of motivated and competent professional and experienced staff with skills suited to each project allocation.  We employ specifically for the job seeking opportunity for the enhancement of personal and company goals.

PES provides training for staff when it is available and applicable to project or staff development needs.


Finding Additional Staff:

PES invites approaches from experienced and competent professionals and para-professionals for inclusion in our projects.

We respond positively to recommendations from current employees, clients and reputable ex-employers.

Professional Engineering Service Pty Ltd is licensed as an employment agent and also uses the services of recruitment organisations.

We periodically place advertisements for larger staffing needs that can be planned well in advance.


Method of Engagement:

PES engages individual staff on both employee and staff contractor bases.

We engage resources for subconsultancy technical and service on a contract basis.