Project Services Offered


Civil and Structural engineering consultancy works servicing clients in major infrastructure development and management

PES is a leader in systems development and has a pool of available procedures and general documentation for project development and management, consultation, contract management, quality assurance and verification and reporting to safeguard the client’s best interests.

We offer a flexible approach to provision of services and the ability to quickly cater for change in service needs.

  • Project Management and Development including
    • Cost Estimation and investigation and design facilitation
    • Development or Review of Construction Contract documents.
    • Safety and Environmental Review: usually in the form of a formal Risk management analysis.
    • Assessment of tenders preparation of report and recommendation.
  • Documentation of Client side site contract management systems for occupational health & safety, environment and quality management
  • Verification of contract works  - for conformance against contract requirements and technical specifications
  • Construction contract administration as Contract Manager, Principal’s Authorised Person or Delegate, Superintendent or Representative including:
    • Engineering management of the work to protect the Client's interests.
    • Review and report on the Management Systems and plans submitted by construction contractors
    • Management and surveillance of safety and environmental matters.
    • Reporting through the contract delegation structure and to the client.
    • Surveillance of contractor’s quality system and the work under the contract.
    • Administration of contractor’s submissions and direction of contractors (within delegated authority)
    • Measurement and certification.
    • Establishment and management of project records.
    • Claims management and reporting:  Scope issues, variations and extensions of time.
    • Expert assessment and advice
  • Liaison with other parties involved in or affected by project works.
  • Quality, Environmental, OHS, Survey and Geotechnical surveillance and Audits.
  • Traffic Management assessments
  • Transport Planning.